Data analysis: The state of email marketing after March 2020

Email marketing is still playing a central role in how businesses and people stay connected. And it’s growing.

Since our favorite MailerLite data scientist, Deividas, had all his DJing gigs canceled in March, he had extra time to run some numbers and find interesting statistics to share about the shift in email marketing over the past few weeks.

As most of the world practice physical distancing and confinement, it’s no wonder that Internet usage has exploded. Whatsapp grew 70% in Spain and 40% across the globe. YouTube experienced over 10X growth in parts of Europe. And, Zoom has become a household name with a record 62 million downloads.

What about email marketing? Are people still reading emails to stay connected with their favorite companies?

The short answer is: yes. Email marketing is still a healthy channel, experiencing growth in key areas. Let’s look at the data and see what we can learn.

Email marketing volumes are increasing by a double-digit percentage in March. Businesses that send emails using MailerLite have not ceased their marketing campaigns and are making efforts to connect with their customers.

While the increase in sending volume is showing steady growth, we also found that both email engagement and e-commerce purchases made from email increased too.

Email sending volume increased by 19% in March compared to January, while the number of accounts sending emails rose by 18%.

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